Celebrations and Christmas Parties

Celebrations and Christmas Parties

Celebration conferences may take place due to an important announcement in a company, a birthday of the company, or even annually as a celebration. Christmas parties are a time for a work force to come together during the festive period and for people to enjoy themselves. However, these special occasions can be a stressful time for the organisers, this is where Morris can help and take the pressure off finding the perfect venue.

You could also combine two occasions and host your conference alongside a Christmas dinner and a party for your staff after the conference. Uniting your celebration with a conference and meal is easy with Morris, and Morris Conferencing can organise this for you!

Why not incorporate an awards ceremony as well, we have have a genius who is producing world class effects and stage production available for your use.

Our team can also arrange transport to and from the celebration, evening entertainment for the dinner, or even a guest speaker at your conference, you would not believe the phone numbers we have!

Morris Conferencing will certainly be able to find the perfect venue for your next celebration conference. Call 0843 289 7787 to recieve the VIP treatment from one of our specialist organisers, or drop us an email to info@corporateconferences.co.uk