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Location Location Location!

When delegates receive the initial invitation to a meeting or conference – especially the ones where people are coming from abroad – they will mainly look for one aspect, the location of the venue. Delegates currently need ease and efficiency – hence why the location is so important. If that factor is right the business will be sure to come streaming in.

The main factors when deciding on a venue are how close the venue is to the local airport and train stations, how far away the motor way is and how many car parking spaces are available. Other factors include the number of bedrooms and size of the meeting space. A good example of a venue that has an excellent location and great facilities is the Hilton Birmingham Metropole which is just off the M6, five minutes from Birmingham International Airport. The venue has 600 car parking spaces which also gives delegates peace of mind.

Research has shown that the number one decider of an event going ahead is availability of the venue. The location is a very close second. The venue can be huge with amazing facilities, quirky amenities and be in beautiful settings. But, if delegates cannot easily reach the venue then the whole event is limiting itself.

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