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Why do delegates attend conferences?

Delegates choose to attend conferences for many different reasons which can be on an individual or an organisational level. Understanding why delegates attend conferences is key to ensuring that your venue is implementing the correct strategies for the delegates to get the most out of the conference and for repeat business.

Motivations include;

Characteristics and attractiveness of the destination, if there is plenty to see and do outside of the conference. Most importantly, things to do inside the conference venue and the delegates will be much more likely to attend.

Networking opportunities – delegates like to meet with like minded people and discuss topics of similar interest which can be done at conferences if an appropriate networking area is set up.

Staying in touch with current trends that are related to the delegates industry, this can be demonstrated through technology and equipment at the venue.

Generating new ideas and concepts from other delegates so they can replicate these ideas into their own work place.

Finally, making contacts, finding out about other projects and comparing practise with other colleagues.

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